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The Welsh independent TV production sector came properly into being in 1982, along with the rest of the UK sector. This was down to the creation of  S4C and Channel 4 as publisher / broadcasters; organisations which commission all their original content from independent production companies rather than making programmes themselves.

Welsh TV production companies are among some of the bigger players in the overall market, as well as being major engines for growth and the promotion of Welsh culture and identity.

For the last 30 years, TAC has represented the Welsh independent TV production sector, both in terms of dealing with S4C and others on terms of trade and other matters, but also to input into policy-making on Welsh and UK level, creative industries, broadcasting and skills.

Independent Welsh TV production companies are responsible for creating most of S4C’s content, which is available on television and online throughout the UK, on the S4C Clic player as well as on BBC iPlayer. This helps bring Welsh TV content to a wider audience.

TAC continues to represent its members and provide a range of services including standard contracts and other business affairs support, policy representation and a training and skills programme.

We also represent the sector by engaging with policy-makers and the wider industry.


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