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The more members TAC has, the more powerful and well-resourced a voice we are to deal with the broadcasters and policymakers whose decisions affect every independent content production company in Wales. TAC Council members operate on a voluntary basis, so all membership fees are spent on providing specific services and support.

TAC has contracts with five unions – Equity, the MU, WGGB, Directors UK and BECTU. The use of these contracts secures the necessary rights to enable the use of employee contributions on S4C and connective services, as well as worldwide sales. These are TAC contracts, and all companies that use them should be members of TAC. The exclusive right to use the TAC contracts is one of the main benefits of membership.

10 benefits of TAC membership:

  • Discounted rates on courses under the new TAC training scheme for the sector
  • Access to Business Affairs advice
  • Access to standard contracts (broadcaster approved)
  • Robust collective negotiation with broadcasters
  • Third-party liaison with S4C in the case of grievances
  • An effective voice for the sector with the UK Government and Welsh Government
  • Liaison with broadcasting regulatory bodies
  • Positive representation of the sector in the media
  • Attendance at events, including our Annual General Meeting, at which senior figures from broadcasting and government speak directly to our industry
  • Opportunities for input into training and skills provision

To discuss joining us contact TAC Chair Gareth Williams or Executive Manager Luned Whelan on 07388 377478.

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