A tribute to Euryn Ogwen Williams

17 March 2021

TAC learned with sadness of the death of Euryn Ogwen Williams, one of the giants of the media industry in Wales. He was a lifelong innovator, a strong supporter of the independent sector and a close friend to many of our members. His passion for the establishment of S4C and his vision for its future were an inspiration and a driving force to the media world in Wales over the past forty years, and we owe him a debt of gratitude for his measured contribution, his infectious enthusiasm and his generous support.

Gareth Williams, TAC Chair, said: “Euryn was an immense figure who made a tremendous contribution to broadcasting in Wales over many decades – from being S4C’s first Director of Programmes when the channel was launched in 1982, to as recently as 2017, when he was appointed by UK Government to hold an independent review of S4C as well as make recommendations for the future of the channel. He was a leader, a consultant, a supporter in and of the industry. He created opportunities and offered counsel to so many people, always emphasizing the importance of broadcasting in the Welsh language and the role of the independent production sector, and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude. As we approach S4C’s fortieth anniversary next year, we remember a warm-hearted, generous-spirited gentleman who had a clear and unwavering vision of broadcasting in Wales. We will remember one of the brightest founders of S4C and an outstanding innovator.ʺ

He was a man of culture whose faith and family were important above all. He continued to write poetry during the pandemic, and had published two volumes of poems , the latter in 2012. He was an integral member of the Welsh Society, Cymrodorion, in Barry, his home for many years, and this close-knit community will miss him greatly.

Our heartfelt condolences to Jenny, Rhodri, Sara and the grandchildren. TAC members, the wider production sector, S4C and the broadcasting world in Wales will remember Euryn long into the future. Diolch iddo am bob dim.

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