Peter Johnston’s report on BBC tendering process published

20 November 2017

The BBC has published the findings of Peter Johnston, Director of BBC Northern Ireland, who was asked to look into the tendering process.

In his conclusions, Johnston says: ‘The tender process used to date was rigorous but time-consuming and, to many involved, lacked creative opportunities.’

Importantly for production companies, he says that the BBC should consider more ideas for original programming by decommissioning more current shows ‘where that makes sense from an audience point of view.’ He goes on to say: ‘Contestable opportunities released in this way will offer a more creative opportunity for all potential producers, and will help BBC Content to refresh its portfolio in the right way over time.’

If followed, this will obviously create more potential opportunities for TV production companies to submit new ideas for slots.

Johnston’s recommendations also include improving the transition process for a production moving from BBC Studios to an external production company.

The BBC says it ‘remains committed to delivering greater competition in its supply base and will do so in line with the obligations set out within the BBC Charter and Agreement.’

It confirms that Johnston’s recommendations have been accepted and incorporated into the tender process for the programme ‘Doctors’.

The conclusions and recommendations in full.





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