TAC statement on S4C Review

29 March 2018

The Government  today published its review of S4C.

In response TAC Chair Gareth Williams said:

“TAC welcomes the conclusion of the first review of S4C for over a decade.

We welcome that S4C will have greater freedom to operate across all platforms in order to provide increased content and to reach new audiences.  We also welcome the opportunities for S4C to examine additional potential funding streams and commercial opportunities through working with a range of partners including the Welsh Government.

We note that Euryn Ogwen Williams agrees ‘with the majority of contributors who said that actually the most important thing for S4C is funding stability and transparency.’   TAC welcomes the short term commitment to S4C’s current level of DCMS funding for 2018/19 and 2019/20.   However the following two financial years do not have such a commitment.

We would welcome clarification from the Government on how S4C’s future funding model can be sustainable.  Specifically, the proposed removal of the £6.7m DCMS grant funding in 2022 is cause for concern.  We would like reassurance from the Government that from 2022/23, S4C’s total TV Licence Fee funding will not be less than the combined total funding which currently comes from the Licence Fee plus the DCMS grant, and that it will be inflation-linked.

TAC is in a strong position to represent the TV production sector in Wales.   Our General Manager, appointed last year and independent of any specific member company, has grown our membership significantly.   Our members are based all around Wales and a range of companies is represented on TAC’s Council.  TAC’s training and skill programme is aimed at ensuring that companies across Wales’ production sector have access to high quality courses and support which will enable their businesses to grow and develop.

We look forward to working closely with S4C in the next phase of its development.”

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