TAC statement re S4C report and recent events

6 December 2023

TAC notes that the report on alleged bullying incidents at S4C has now been published and we hope that this marks the point where S4C can once again move forward to focusing only on delivering high-quality content to Welsh-speaking audiences and beyond, working closely with our sector. 

We would like to recognise the efforts of the current staff of S4C who we know have done their best in trying circumstances to keep the service on track and deal with our sector, despite losing some people in key positions in recent months. 

Production companies across Wales, large and small, are keen as always to engage with S4C and deliver the best ideas, stories and talent to audiences. As a trade body TAC has not received any significant fundamental complaints about S4C’s commissioning strategy or approach and we look forward to working together to ensure the sector and S4C are strong and sustainable, as we face future challenges. 

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