TAC welcomes Lords’ Channel 4 report

11 July 2016

TAC Statement on House of Lords Communications Committee report on Channel 4 and public ownership

TAC Chair Iestyn Garlick today said:

“We welcome this report’s important conclusion that Channel 4 should remain in public ownership.”

“We note and agree with the Committee conclusion that ‘‘The Committee concludes that the amount of programming and the amount of investment made in the nations and regions, that is, outside London, could be adversely affected as a result of privatisation of C4C’ (para 148)’”

“We also agree with the committee that no system of regulation can adequately and objectively preserve the public-service nature of the current philosophy and approach of Channel 4 if privatised.”

“Lastly we also welcome the committee’s stressing of the importance of Channel 4 to the independent sector.”

“We hope the Government will take notice of this report and allow Channel 4 to remain in public ownership, and bring an end to the uncertainly that has been present for over a year.”

Report from the House of Lords Communications Committee

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