TAC welcomes TV tax break amendments

19 March 2015

TAC welcomed today the Budget announcement that the Government has decided to reduce the minimum investment threshold of the high-end TV tax break from 25% to 10%.

Iestyn Garlick, Chair of TAC commented:

“TAC has been calling for this step to be taken, as it will make it even more attractive for people to come to the UK and make their productions using British crews and facilities.”

“We are working with the Wales Office to ensure that there is greater awareness of what Wales specifically can offer in this regard, and the rise in interested in filming in the UK caused by this announcement will be a boost to that work.”

“We also greatly welcome the decision to introduce a tax break for children’s TV, which is something of a specialism for Welsh producers, with companies such as Boom, Cymni Da and others making kids’ content for the BBC and S4C’s services.”

Other positive developments for the creative industries included an increase in the film tax relief, and a £4m boost to the Skills investment fund to support skills in film, high-end TV, animation and visual effects.

A call for the high-end tax break threshold to be lowered was one of the measures included in TAC’s recently-published policy manifesto, which is available here.

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