Update from Gareth Williams, TAC Chair

23 March 2020

The sector is presently experiencing an unprecedented and extremely difficult period sue to the spread of coronavirus Covid-19. TAC is working to support the sector by distributing information and communicating with S4C about changing procedures. We are also writing to UK Government, the Wales Office and Welsh Government to put pressure on them to urgently establish arrangements to support self-employed people, be they companies or individuals, with an emphasis on the production sector. We have also lent our support to the  Creative Industries Federation’s correspondence with Chancellor Rishi Sunak to this end.

Information sources

UK Government coronavirus website

Advice from Business Wales (under Welsh Government)

The latest statement from S4C

If you have concerns or queries, contact Luned Whelan via e-mail or phone on 07388 377478 and we will do our best to help.

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