Welsh indie TV sector issues policy manifesto

10 March 2015

TAC Press Release


TV producers in Wales today launched a policy manifesto for the next Government to put in place in order to ensure continued growth in the sector.

The TAC Manifesto, produced by trade body Teledwyr Annibynnol Cymru (TAC), sets out a range of policies concerning the future of broadcasters S4C, the BBC, to encourage further tax breaks for TV production, and to better promote Wales abroad.

TAC Chair, Iestyn Garlick said:

“The Welsh creative TV sector has been working very hard over the last few years to inform and educate policy-makers about the importance of our creative industries in Wales, of which TV production is one of the key drivers.”

“Continued investment from the BBC, from S4C and from other broadcasters is crucial over the next few years to sustain the industry, to encourage further growth, to fulfil the viewers’ desire that their local area is reflected on screen, with Wales also being projected to a wider and international audience.”

“’Y Gwyll / Hinterland’, produced by Welsh production company Fiction Factory, is but one example of how we can raise our sights as a creative sector. If our recommendation are heeded, the sector will be well-placed to develop further and produce yet more ambitious productions that are sold worldwide.”

“We hope therefore that the next Government will take our recommendations on board, and we look forward to engaging with them on these vital issues.”

The TAC Manifesto is available on a new website which TAC has also launched today at www.tac-cymru.co.uk

The Manifesto document itself can be downloaded here.

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