Welsh TV producers call for 10% funding rise for S4C

16 March 2017

Teledwyr Annibynnol Cymru, which represents the independent TV production sector in Wales, today told the Welsh Assembly Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee that a one-off 10% rise in the total public funding of S4C was needed to enable the broadcaster to operate successfully going forward.

TAC Chair Iestyn Garlick (Antena) and TAC Council member Gareth Williams (Rondo Media) answered questions on TAC paper’s to the committee’s inquiry into the future of S4C.

TAC’s case for additional funding is based on the fact that S4C’s repeats have now risen to some 57% and that it needs both to have more original content on the service, plus be able to be across all platforms to meet the demands of people’s viewing habits.

Speaking after the Committee session, Iestyn Garlick said: “Retaining its linear channel is essential, but on top of that, S4C needs to be able to provide a quality service to the increasing number of people consuming content on other platforms. We need to remember that any additional investment in S4C is doubled in value in terms of its contribution to the Welsh creative industries, and overall to the UK economy.”

TAC also called for the TV Licence Fee part of S4C’s funding to be completely separated out from the BBC, so that there was no need for any accountability to the BBC in the future.

Iestyn Garlick said: “Now that the arms-length BBC Trust is being abolished, it is not appropriate for S4C to have to answer to the Board of the BBC. It cannot be right for one broadcaster to have any say over the affairs of another.”


Iestyn Garlick, Chair: 07974 184 764

Tim Wilson, Policy Adviser: 07909 560 374

  • TAC’s submission to the CWLC can be found here.
  • More can be found on the Committee inquiry here.

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