Pitching content on digital platforms – 20 March

Are you ready to take your digital content creation skills to the next level? Register for the upcoming course ‘Pitching content on digital platforms’, and learn how to create captivating content, master the art of pitching, and develop a strategy for your use of social media platforms.

This course will be led by representatives of the company Libera Agency, a creative digital agency based in Wales. The course leaders have many years of experience in social media campaigns and digital marketing, having worked on some of the biggest marketing campaigns and social media strategies in Wales.

Course Summary:

What makes good digital content: We will look at key elements which will help you understand what makes digital content stand out and engage audiences, including:

  • The purpose of digital content.
  • How to think about digital content – and what the benefits are of creating content for different platforms.
  • Ensuring that the right content is used on the right platform.
  • How TikTok has changed users’ habits and expectations across all platforms.
  • Examples of good content and learning from these.
  • Thinking outside the box – using content creators and working with influencers.
  • Editing elements and style for effective digital content

Developing your pitch: We will draw on important factors to consider before pitching digital content, such as:

  • Who will be consuming the content? Are resources available to deliver on the pitch?
  • Research, using data and testimonials to create a good ‘business case’ for the content.


This activity will give you the experience of creating a plan for digital content based on imaginary campaigns/ programmes that will be set. There will also be an opportunity to discuss the ideas as a group.

Date: Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 10:30am – 13:30pm

Location: Zoom

Cost: TAC members: £75+ VAT, others: £150+ VAT

Language: Welsh


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